We are hiring a new CEO

We are seeking an energetic CEO to lead us on a new journey


ORF Genetics is seeking an energetic and experienced CEO to lead the scaling up of the company and its entry into new markets.

ORF Genetics is a leader in plant-based biotechnology. Ingenuity and innovation have been the source of the company’s development and production of unique expression systems that use genetic engineering of barley as a vehicle to produce recombinant human and animal proteins – so called growth factors.

Over the past years, ORF Genetics has focused on growth factors for the renowned BIOEFFECT skin-care products as well as stem cell research.

The latest product of ORF Genetics is MESOkine, animal growth factors specifically developed for cell-cultured meat production, which will revolutionize food production of the future.

With its groundbreaking, economical MESOkine production ORF Genetics will be in a position to be a major player in combating the threat that conventional meat production poses to the environment and society.

In 2020 ORF Genetics received an EU Horizon grant of 2.5 million EURO for developing and scaling up the MESOkine product line. The next steps in the growth of the company will be to expand and strengthen the team, begin industrial-scale production, and drive marketing and sales in international markets.

The headquarters of ORF Genetics are in Kópavogur, Iceland, with barley cultivation in our environmentally friendly greenhouse in Grindavík, Iceland.

The closing date for applications is 22 August.

For further information and to apply please contact VinnVinn consultants: hilmar@vinnvinn.is or gardar@vinnvinn.is.