IL-6, MK0400Human

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  • IL-6 is a multifunctional cytokine that has an important role in host defence by regulating immune and inflammatory responses. It is expressed by a variety of normal and transformed cells including T cells, B cells, monocytes/ macrophages, fibroblasts and various tumour cells. IL-6 has diverse biological functions, it stimulates B-cell differentiation and antibody production, synergizes with IL-3 in megakaryocyte development and platelet production, induces expression of hepatic acute-phase proteins, and regulates bone metabolism. Recombinant human IL-6 is a 20.9kDa protein containing 185 amino acid residues. Human IL-6 is active on murine cells but murine IL-6 is inactive on human cells 

  • Recombinant MESOkine IL-6 is produced in the endosperm tissue of barley seed (Hordeum vulgare). 

  • Tris pH 7.4, sterile filtered through 0.2 um filter. 

  • MESOkine recombinant IL-6 is purified from barley seeds resulting in an extract containing purified recombinant IL-6 protein along with co-purified barley seed proteins. The amount of the recombinant IL-6 protein is typically in the range of 20-30% of total purified protein content. The exact content of the growth factor is stated on the vials. The co-purified barley seed proteins serve as stabilizing proteins that can prolong the lifetime of the recombinant protein and may enhance the bioactivity of growth factors in standardized bioassays. 

  • Always centrifuge the vial before opening. It is recommended to reconstitute the lyophilized protein in sterile buffered saline or a solution of your choice, to a concentration of no less than 50 µg/ml. The lyophilized protein, though stable at room temperature for few weeks, is best stored at -20°C. Reconstituted protein should be used immediately or stored in working aliquots at -20°C. Avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles. 

  • Each batch of MESOkine growth factor is tested for bioactivity and verified to have comparable activity to a corresponding commercial source of highly purified (>95%) growth factor. The bioactivity of MESOkine recombinant human IL-6 was determined by its dose dependent effect on proliferation of 7TD-1 cells. The ED50 for this effect using IL-6 is typically < 0.1 ng/ml corresponding to specific activity of > 10 x 10e6 U/mg. Optimal concentration should be determined for specific applications and cell lines. 

  • Endotoxin levels of each MESOkine is measured and verified to have endotoxin content <0.05 EU/ug. 

  • Recombinant human MESOkine IL-6 contains 185 amino acids and a 6 a.a. histidine tag for a total length of 191 a.a. and has a predicted molecular mass of 21.8 kDa. As a result of glycosylation, the recombinant protein migrates with an apparent molecular mass of 25 kDa in SDS-PAGE.