In-field Trials in Canada 2022 Continue

ORF Genetics has been cultivating genetically modified barley in field trials in Canada since 2013 with the approval of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). The cultivations are in accordance with the Confined Research Field Trial (CFRT) permit issued each year by CFIA. Typically these CFRT are up to 5 hectares each year giving valuable information on the accumulation of various target proteins in the bioengineered barley grains from which e.g. the yield per hectare can be calculated.

From our in-field cultivation in Canada 2021

From our in-field trials in Canada 2021

ORF has applied for a CFRT permit for summer cultivation 2022 where the aim is to analyze the accumulation of animal-derived growth factors in bioengineered barley grains. Furthermore, the aim is to compare the crop characteristics of different offspring from various crossbreeding barley projects that ORF has ongoing with the goal of maximizing the outcome of target protein per hectare.