Human growth factors and cytokines for stem cell research, regenerative medicine, and organoid production

ISOkine are highly purified, easily scalable, endotoxin-free growth factors produced in our barley plants.

ISOkine was ORF Genetics' first product line to market in 2007. ISOkine growth factors and cytokines are animal- and serum-free, void of antibiotics with low pyrogenic and pro-inflammatory activity, void of bacterial endotoxins, viruses, and prions. Renewable geothermal energy is used in their production, leaving a low carbon footprint and making them environmental-friendly.

With the extensive progress in the field of stem cell research and cell-based therapy applications, the demand for endotoxin-free, pure proteins of high quality is growing rapidly. Our ISOkine growth factors and cytokines will help researchers meet that demand as they are specifically produced for stem cell research. ISOkine is used in laboratories by scientists to stimulate and control destiny of stem cells. They are applied in both medical research and bulk-scale cell cultures, as growth factors play a critical role in regenerative medicine and cell therapy.

Our ISOkine biological activity is typically comparable or better than other commercially available growth factors and cytokines, reflecting the eukaryotic folding and glycosylation pattern of proteins produced in plant cells.

Each batch of ISOkine growth factors is tested for biological activity by an independent third-party research organization, and all bioactivity data is provided with each batch for every product.

"The plant-origin of our ISOkine growth factors and the endotoxin-free aspect have earned us some very loyal customers within the stem cell research community during the last ten years, that appreciate our focus on high quality and consistency in performance"

Dr. Björn Örvar CSO, ORF Genetics

About the product

  • Endotoxin-free growth factors produced in the endosperm of barley seeds. They are animal and serum-free, void of antibiotics, pyrogenic and pro-inflammatory-free, void of bacteria, viruses, and prions, and are eukaryotic folded and glycosylated. Their production is environmentally friendly and CO2 neutral, as renewable, geothermal energy is used in their production. Furthermore, the biological activity typically is comparable or better than of other commercially available growth factors and cytokines. Each batch of ISOkine growth factors is tested for biological activity by independent third-party companies and all bioactivity information is provided in a data sheet for each batch of every product.

  • As our recombinant growth factors and cytokines are produced in barley seed, they do not come in contact with any animal derived substances throughout their production cycle.

  • Our ISOkine growth factors are produced in barley and purified in our laboratories where we only process barley derived proteins. Therefore, we can exclude any contact of our products with bacteria, virus, or prion derived contaminants.

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Why Endotoxin-free Growth Factors

Endotoxin-free growth factors increase precision and reproducibility of stem cell cultures

Increased reproducibility leads to more consistency in stem cell experiments

Increased reproducibility leads to smoother transfer of an already established stem cell culture protocol from pre-clinical research to clinical trials

Barley Means Purity in Molecular Farming

We bypass entirely the use of bacteria

We bypass entirely the use of animal or human cells

Produced in plants grown in a geothermal high-tech greenhouse with a negative CO2 footprint

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