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Biotechnology is based on utilizing cells or organisms to produce or change products. In plant biotechnology, plants are used to genetically produce new proteins, such as growth factors.

Growth Factors

Growth factors are proteins that control a wide range of cellular function. They play a critical role in biotechnological fields such as regenerative medicine, stem cell research, and the emerging industry of cell cultured meat.

Cell Cultured Meat

Cell cultured meat (CCM) is produced from a tiny sample of animal stem cells. Growth factors play a key role in multiplying the cells to millions, and then differentiate them into meat cells. CCM provides the same taste and texture as traditional meat, without involving the slaughtering of animals. Moreover, there are great environmental benefits of CCM, requiring only a fraction of the land, water, and energy used in traditional meat production.


Endotoxin free growth factors increase precision and reproducibility of stem cell cultures, leading to more consistency in stem cell experiments, and a smoother transfer of an already established stem cell culture protocol from pre-clinical research to clinical trials.