About ORF

ORF Genetics is an innovative plant biotechnology company and a pioneer in developing and manufacturing high-quality recombinant proteins, such as growth factors, derived from barley plants.

ORF Genetics was established in 2001 to develop innovative, economically viable and enabling solutions to produce recombinant proteins.

ORFEUS, ORF Genetics’ unique expression system, uses barley grain as a vehicle for recombinant protein production, providing a more efficient and safer method than other protein expression systems provide.

This technology has allowed ORF Genetics to develop a portfolio of growth factors, including human-like growth factors for the stem cell research market, as well as for its own successful skin care brand, BIOEFFECT. Furthermore, ORF Genetics' latest project, MESOkine, allows the production of animal-like growth factors for the cell cultured meat market.

ORF Genetics grows the barley in its own high-tech, eco-friendly greenhouse, which is isolated in a black lava field on the Reykjanes Peninsula, using Iceland’s rich renewable energy resources.

Board of Directors

ORF Genetics' Board of Directors consists of five board members. The Board is gender balanced, with two women and three men.


The Executive Management consists of the CEO of ORF Genetics and the Managing Directors of its seven divisions.

“Twenty years ago, when we started our journey with our novel biotechnology based on barley plants, we realized that our innovation had great value, although in hindsight, we could not have imagined how successful it would become. Not only in terms of our skincare brand’s success, but also our exciting new journey with animal growth factors that may revolutionize cell cultured meat development. We’ve seen phenomenal progress, owing to the ambitious staff here at ORF Genetics”

- Dr. Björn Örvar, Co-Founder of ORF Genetics


ORF Genetics is proud of its talented and dedicated personnel, passionate about making a change and striving to provide leading products for stem cell research, regenerative medicine, cultured meat, and skin care.


ORF Genetics designs plants to bring quality to life. We create products that focus on expanding limitations within the fields of cultured meat, skin care, stem cell research, or regenerative medicine.

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