ORFEUS Expression System

ORF Genetics has developed a high-throughput production system, ORFEUS, for the generation of recombinant proteins in barley seeds.

The ORFEUS platform includes the steps from synthesizing the gene of interest until the selection of a new transgenic barley line with the highest production of the target protein in the seed.

The process starts with identifying the genetic code for the target protein and subsequent codon optimization and synthesis of the DNA strand by a certified CRO.

The gene is cloned into ORF’s expression vector, GrainVec, that is highly optimized for strong and seed-specific expression. The transformation of immature barley embryos is mediated by Agrobacterium tumefaciens, harboring the GrainVec expression cassette.

Thereafter, the barley embryos undergo tissue culture on a carefully optimized selective medium, enabling the growth of transformed embryos and resulting in strong, bioengineered plantlets with a well-developed root system.

The plantlets are transferred into a supporting matrix in small pots, in a specialized growth chamber with controlled settings, enhancing the growth of the young plantlets. Following a well-defined growth period, the plantlets are transferred into the automatically controlled, gutter based hydroponic conveyor belt cultivation system until they are ready for harvest.

The highest expressing barley lines are carefully selected from a sizable number of plants, based on a measurement of the target protein levels in the barley seed extract, using specific antibodies. The premium barley lines are expanded further for a final selection of the highest yielding line to be used for production of the target protein.