ORF Genetics is continuously optimizing its downstream processing platform for better quality and yield.

The process starts with seed cleaning, sorting and dehulling the seeds. Following these steps the seeds are milled to an optimized size in solid-state prior to liquid-phase protein extraction process.

For the separation of solids from the protein extract, centrifugation is normally the subsequent step, but it is difficult to scale-up without increasing production costs. Therefore, ORF Genetics has developed a new filtration technology to separate the solids from the extract without centrifugation, omitting any further filtrations. The clarified extract is then run through a new type of high-volume, affinity chambers to separate the recombinant proteins from other barley proteins before fill and finish. As a part of quality control several analytical measurements, both biological and biochemical, are then performed following the final step of the purification process for each batch.