New volcanic event in Iceland

This morning a new volcanic eruption started when a fissure opened up in the vicinity of the town of Grindavík, where ORF Genetics’ Greenhouse is located. The town was evacuated, and no residents are in danger. Our thoughts are with the people of Grindavík at these difficult times.

After several months of volcanic activity, scientists have been expecting another eruption in the area, and a protective barrier was built near the greenhouse. Unfortunately, the eruption started within the barriers and lava is now heading towards ORF’s greenhouse.

Since November, when it became evident that our greenhouse was situated on a volcanic crack, we have been preparing for this eventuality. Everything that could be salvaged from the greenhouse has already been salvaged and no operations have been ongoing in the house since the evacuation in November.95% of ORF’s cultivation is located in another area and we have a substantial seed stock. The destruction of the greenhouse does, therefore, not affect the company's plans for growth nor the possibility of delivering to customers. The greenhouse is fully insured by The Natural Catastrophe Insurance of Iceland.

ORF Genetics was the first company in the world to produce a portfolio of growth factors in plants. ORF is building on 15 years of expertise and experience of producing plant made growth factors, targeting a new and important market for cultivated meat, revolutionizing the worlds food supply, with a cost-effective and very scalable production technology.

Our important contribution to a more sustainable meat industry are MESOkine growth factors for cultivated meat, and we are also proud to produce the DERMOkine growth factors used in the unique BIOEFFECT skincare products that are sold worldwide.

Our thoughts will continue to be with the residents of Grindavík.